Larry Porthole

"Shape Up or Slip Out!"


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Walkthoughs are always a difficult task to master. They generally impart too much information and/or are written in action format. Neither is great for the adventurer who's stuck and only needs a hint. I've tried to provide a walkthrough that doesn't detract from the plot of the game - after all that is the key element in an adventure.

This walkthrough was written and is © 2003 by Thuyker. Permission has been requested for its use on this site. If you know of an alternative (and better) walkthrough than the one presented here, please let me know.

For those who just want general hints, then download the Universal Hint System file.

You start out in the main lobby of La Costa Lotta. Walk up to the front desk, and click your eye on the girl behind it - the game then zooms to a close-up view. Click your mouth on her once to introduce yourself, and then again to check in (your room number is 201). You will then receive your room key (2). Continue talking to her, and you will eventually find out what her dream is: to receive treatment at La Costa Lotta's exclusive "Cellulite Drainage Salon." Talk to her some more, and you'll find that the salon has been closed down (and the machine since broken), due to a malpractice suit against Dr. Swineheart. Talk to her again, and offer to fix the machine for her (3). Exit the closeup. Back in the lobby, "use/pick up" the key deposit box to the left of the desk, and you will pull out a random room key (2).

Let's go ahead and check out your hotel accomodations. Walk up the stairs to the right of the desk, and you'll see Room 201 next to the ice machine. Use the room key you got from Gammie on the door (5) and enter. On the nearby yellow table are several items. Pick up the blue card, which is a list of services that the resort offers (2). At some point in your room, you might hear a loud noise from the kitchen below - ignore it for now.

Pick up the red card on the table, which is the Housekeeping Services card (2), and you'll notice that you simply have to dial 75 for "Turn Down Service." Now pick up the pink/purple Telephone Services card for another list of numbers you can dial (2). Also make sure to pick up the arrangement of flowers (4).

Enter the door on the upper right, and you'll find yourself in the bathroom. Note that your bathroom doesn't have any towels or toilet seat covers - we'll have to take care of that. Go ahead and take a piss by clicking the zipper icon on the toilet (2). And, like mama always taught you, wash your hands; unfortunately, the water coming out of the sink is brown. Exit the bathroom.

Let's first take care of the water. Looking at the telephone services card, you see that the number for Building Maintenace is 76. Pick up the telephone and dial it (8), and a repair man should stop by later. Now, about those towels and toilet seat covers: the card says the number for Housekeeping is 75, so dial that (9). That first call is actually only for the turn down service, which will leave a present on your pillow later. Call 75 again to have a maid come by to stock up your room while you're gone.

Exit your room by walking to the lower right corner. You should see the maid's cart in the hallway. Click your eye icon in it to bring up a closeup view, then pick up a towel (3) from the bottom, a toilet seat cover (2) from the top, and some floss (4). Now, walk to the other side of the cart and use your eye icon to zoom in again. Pick up some toilet paper (2), washcloth (4), soap (2), and hand creme (2). Note that you might have started on the other side of the cart first, but no matter. Let's go back downstairs for now.

We need to pass a little time, so maybe we should go check out the kitchen. Walk right one screen from the lobby, then enter the door. You should find yourself in the dining room. Use your eye icon on the salad bar, and you will notice some color underneath the ice. Use your hand icon to dig whatever it is out, then pick up the orange (8). Now, click your hand on the double doors to enter the kitchen.

To the bottom right, you should see a ring of trash cans. Look at it, and you will notice some sort of handled bucket buried there. Use your hand icon on the trash, and you will discover it is a five-gallon tub of lard. Pick up the lard (6), then go ahead and look around some more if you like. Note the fast food truck parked in the middle of the kitchen as well. That's actually about all you can do in here at this point. Let's try checking out the water situation in your bathroom.

Walk back to your room (down, down, left, up the stairs) and enter your bathroom. By now, the repairman should be at work on the floor. Go ahead and start a conversation with him, but you'll find out he's not the friendliest guy in the world. Take a close look at him, however, and you'll see that he has a large tool belt. Use your "pick up" icon on Mark to get an adjustable wrench (8) and a second time to get a bastard file (8).

Exit the bathroom, and you'll notice a "present" has been left on your pillow. Walk over to take a closer look at it, and Mark should leave the bathroom and let you know that he's finished. Continue and get your present, a condom (4). Now that your bathroom is fixed, go ahead and reenter it.

The turtle is probably poking his head out and touching cotton right now, so place a toilet seat cover on the toilet (2). You automatically sit and let it wind its way around the bowl, and after you've finished, use the toilet paper on yourself (1). Flush by clicking your hand on the toilet, then go and turn on the now blue water. Use your soap on the water to wash your hands (2), then your face, by using the washcloth on the running water (6). Turn off the water and exit the bathroom.

You may have noticed that you used up all of the soap in the bathroom, and it's no longer in your inventory. The Housekeeping cart is no longer outside, so simply call 75 to bring it back up. Exit your room, look at the right side of the cart, and grab another bar of soap (you should have everything else still). Where to, now? Well, you're pretty free to explore the resort. Since we went right of the lobby earlier (on the way to the kitchen), we might as well finish exploring that wing of the resort.

Walk right two screens from the lobby, and you should see a ramp heading down, a swimming pool in the distance, and a hotel room door. Head down to the pool, and talk to the lifeguard. He'll tell you that you need a swimsuit before you can do any swimming. Towards the top and middle of the screen, near the red barrel, you should see an object on the ground. It's a deflated swimming pool float, shaped like a beaver - pick it up (3).

You should also see a floating platform in the bottom right of the pool. Walk over and take a closer look at it, and the camera will zoom in. It turns out that it's the pool's floating bar, and it looks like someone has left a pricy sunglasses case on it - pick it up (7). Click your hand icon on it to open it (4), and you'll see a nice pair of glasses and a polishing cloth inside it. Click the hand on the case again, to pull out the sunglasses (4), then again to get the polishing cloth (8).

We're somewhat through at the pool for now, so head through the green door in the top right corner. You'll find yourself in the middle of an aerobics class, and as luck may have it, there's still a free step in the top left. Click on it with your hand icon, and participate until the class is dismissed. You are now alone with the instructor, Cavaricchi. Walk up to her and take a closer look.

Nice T-shirt she's got on, huh? You'll notice hanging from the bottom of it is some type of badge. Upon closer inspection, it looks like an employee ID. Click the "pick up" icon on it, then a second time, and finally a third, and she'll give it to you (15). Even better, she'll invite you to a date in the Swedish Sauna, as long as you bring a girl with you! By the way, have you saved your game recently? If not, do so now. Now, keep clicking your hand on her shirt until you get to see those magnificent boobies! Ok, now you're dead, so restore your game.

Knowing most of you, you're probably replaying this part over and over again. Well, once you're done, go ahead and head through the blue door to the south, which leads into the Weight Room. See the nice-looking woman on the machine near the door you just walked through? Well, her name is Thunderbird, and she seems to have a bit of a dominating personality. If you click the eye icon on her, she'll tell you to get on the machine, and you'll automatically do so. The game then moves into a closeup view. Talk to her about four times, and she'll mention that she's worn out her last pair of handcuffs (2) - if you want a chance with her, you'll have to bring her a new pair.

You're about done here for now, so walk through the left door, and you'll find yourself in the Mud Baths. There are four green doors in this room - if you look at the one on the far left, you'll see that it leads to the Women's shower. And conveniently located just above the door is a louver that opens directly into it! Just right of the louver is an orange camera, above a series of steps with plants on top of them. I'm sure you can figure out what to do: use your hand icon to move the plants off of the steps (5). You can then try to move the camera, but it's secured in place by a large bolt, so use your adjustable wrench (12). Go ahead and replace the plants, if you like.

Now, focus your attention on the lady in the mud bath to the right. Once she climbs out and the camera moves close up, talk to her. You'll discover that she's an electricity loving woman, and if you continue the converstion, that she'd like six D-cells for her "late-night" friend (2). Once you agree to go get them, she slides back down into the mud, so go through the second door from the left.

You'll find yourself in the Men's Shower. The floor has little spurts of water coming out of the ground, so turn those off by using your hand icon on the console to the right of the door you just went through. Then, walk down one screen, and you'll enter the Men's locker room. Feel free to ogle the women next door if you like, but there's not much else to do here right now. Walk down one more screen.

You're now in the Health Spa. On the right side of the counter is a bunch of brochures - pick one up (2). If you like being hit on by gay men, talk to Gary, the towel attendant. The door on the far right leads to the Cellulite Drainage Salon. Go ahead and check it out if you wish - you'll notice that there are quite a few problems with the machine. One of the hoses has a huge hole, for instance. Also, don't do this, as it'll kill you, but if you turned on the machine, you'd find that there is also a problem with the piston overheating. At any rate, there isn't much to do here just yet.

Enter the door on the far left, labeled "High Colonic Treatment Suite." Sounds like you're in for a good time! The first thing you'll probably notice in here is that the room is absolutely full of flowers. Talk to her for a while, and she'll let you know she wants a gift. It's pretty obvious what she likes: give her the arrangement of flowers from your hotel room (5). Now, grab something to bite down on, because you're about to get a reward the likes of which you've never had! Once it's over, Rose gives you an orchid (15), and you then go back to the Health Spa. If you're like me, you probably feel a tad bit dirty just about now. Walk into the second door from the left, and use the locker at the bottom right (4). Change into your towel by clicking the "pick up" icon on the towel in your inventory, then clicking the towel on the locker (6). Walk up one screen, then take a shower (this part isn't necessary, however).

Walk back into the locker room, and dress by clicking the towel on the locker. Walk down twice, right into the lobby, then right one more screen. Most likely, you've seen a cart driving by a few times already. Next time you do, flag it down to hitch a ride (2). By the way, you can flag Art (the driver) down any time you'd like a lift, instead of walking. Are you ready to do a little swimming? Unfortunately, your beaver float is still deflated. Clicking the talk icon on it doesn't work, as you just don't have enough air in your lungs. Can you remember seeing anything else filled with air so far? That's right, the tires of the fast food truck. Go through the doors into the dining room, then another set of doors into the kitchen. Click the float on a tire, and it'll inflate (14).

Walk down twice until you're back in the hallway, then go right one screen. Now, go down the small ramp on the left side, and you'll find yourself in the Blues Bar. There's not much going on right now, but walk up to the left side of the bar and click on the bowl. A closeup view will appear - grab some matches (4). Exit by walking down, then walk to the pool.

If you recall, the lifeguard said you'd need a swimsuit - luckily, you almost have one right in front of your nose. Look at everything in your inventory: see anything? Read the description for the sunglasses cleaning cloth. Floss bikini? Make one by combining the cloth with your dental floss (20)! Click the swimsuit on yourself, and you automatically move into the bushes to change (12). Click the hand icon on the ladder, and then the beaver on yourself

The floating bar is now open for business, so paddle over to it. Click your eye icon on it and a close-up view will come up. See the pretty girl riding the large cucumber? She's not going to talk to you unless you buy her a drink, so click your hand icon on your beaver's tail to slap the water and call the waitress. She'll ask for some identification, so show her your room key (10). Once the drinks come back, use the eye icon to take a closer look.

The beautiful redhead is Merrily - talk to her four times to find out that she has an addiction to bungee jumping. Continue talking to her a few more times, and she'll tell you that she only gets aroused high up in the air, tied to rubber ropes (2). Exit out of the close-up of Merrily, then the one of the bar. Click the hand icon on the ladder to get out of the pool.

Talk to Billy Dee, the lifeguard, again, and he'll give you a key to the bungee jumping tower (6). He's not going to let you keep it or leave the pool without it, however...maybe you'll need to make a copy of it somehow. Use the key on the red barrel, and you automatically climb up. Now, look at your inventory - anything you can think of that can be used to make a copy of the key? That's right, the Impressive soap. Use the bungee tower key with the soap (10), then use the random room key with the impressed soap. You'll note that it only has a few extra bumps, so use the bastard file to file the random room key (20), and voila! You know have your own bungee tower key - click the hand icon on the pool far below to dive down.

Get back in the beaver, and move back to the bar and look at Merrily. Give her the copied bungee tower key (15), and she tells you to meet her later that night. The game will then automatically skip to nighttime, and Merrily will start climbing up the ladder ahead of you. Use your eye icon to get a much closer, better view! Once you're at the top, click your hand icon her to cop a feel - nice, huh? Repeat a couple more times until she tells you to get undressed; oblige her by clicking the zipper icon on yourself. Then, click on her with the hand icon again, and she decides to whisper her thoughts on life, love, and happiness to you (20).

You wake up the next morning in your room. Let's explore the resort a little more. Leave and go down the stairs into the lobby, then walk left two screens. Go down the ramp, and you'll find yourself in La Costa Lotta's Make-up Classroom. Use your eye icon to take a closer look at the girl sitting at the bottom right desk (2). Talk to her a few times, and you'll learn that Shablee wants a dress (4). Once you're done talking to her, exit the close-up view. You'll notice that three out of the four desks in the front row are plugged in, while one is not. Take the electrical cord on the floor (6), then exit.

Start walking to the right, and hitch a ride with Art if he's going that way. Once you get to the end, you'll be outdoors, with paths running north and south. Art will ask you to move out of the way so that he can turn his cart around, then he starts looking for something. Talk to him, then give him the match (4). He'll them move to the right to the electric fence, and swipe his card to get through.

Notice that the cart is still there! Use your hand icon on the toilet seat, and you'll pop the hood (6). Use the adjustable wrench on the power motor (15) to disable it, then exit. Art should now come back, but unable to start the cart, he trys to take a look. Unfortunately (for him, at least), he can't open the hood, look inside, and use his light at the same time, so talk to him to offer some help (2). After he reconnects the power and starts walking back to the front of the cart, quickly use your hand icon on the flashlight to remove the batteries (20).

Remember how Art got past the fence? You still have Cavaricchi's employee ID card, so use it on the electronic lock (12). Looks like the employees at La Costa Lotta are having a pretty good time. Pay particular attention to the shadow of the washtub. Walk into the tent, and use your "pick up" icon on it, and you should grab a six-pack of beer (6). Go left to exit.

Walk down the south path (it's closer), and you'll see a distance shot of the resort. Near the middle of the screen is a small guardhouse - walk over to it. Looks like your moving the camera in the mud baths paid off: boobies are all over the screens! The gate guard, Daryl, doesn't seem to be able to take his eyes off of them, so make use of this opportunity to steal the handcuffs hanging from his belt (15). Be careful, they're on the left - don't touch the keys hanging to the right of them. Exit once you've nabbed the handcuffs.

Walk back to the right of the resort, then up the north path you neglected earlier. You should be back at the pool, so walk to the top right corner, and you'll find yourself on a beach. Look at the sand, and you'll notice something sticking out; use your hand icon on the sand to dig up a lamp (14). Head right to go back to the pool, then through the door in the top right.

You're now back in the aerobics room. Go through the door at the bottom to reenter the weight room, then look at Thunderbird. Give her the handcuffs, and she'll tell you to meet her in her room (15). As she's leaving, you should notice that the weight room is now empty. The Super Cellulite BunShaker 600 that the fat woman had been hogging is unoccupied, so use your "pick up" icon on the big belt.

Unfortunately, Thunderbird forgot to tell you what room she's in. Walk through the door on the left, and you'll enter the Mud Baths again. Even though we found the batteries for Char, don't give them to her yet - let's finish with Thunderbird first. Walk through the door second from the left, then down three screens until you're back in the corridor. Walk left, then go ahead and knock on the lone door (1). It's not the right room, so walk left again, and you'll see three doors. Use your eye icon on the middle one, and you'll see that it's Thunderbird's room.

Knock on the door (10) and you'll enter the room. She'll tell you to have a drink, which you automatically do (20), then put a dog collar on you. Now, after a little bit of playtime, you wake up in your room. Look at the collar, and you'll notice that there's a diamond in it - use your hand icon to remove it (10). Leave the room and go down the stairs.

If you recall, we still have the batteries Char wanted, so let's go give them to her. Walk left from the lobby, then go through the door into the Health Spa. On second though, maybe we should get cleaned up before we go see Char. Go through the door second from the left, then click the hand icon on the locker in the bottom right. Click your towel on the locker, then go up one screen and through the door to enter the Mud Baths.

Click the hand icon on the nearest mud bath to jump in (1), then exit when you're finished. Go back through the door you just came in from, then use your hand icon to take a shower (3). Once you're clean, walk down one screen and click your hand icon and then the towel on the locker to get dressed, then walk up two screens back to the Mud Baths. Use your eye icon to get a closer look at Char, then offer her the batteries (15). She isn't quite ready to reward you yet, however - you'll have to find a way to get past the lock on the door of the Electroshock Exercise Center.

If you look closely, you'll see that there is a power outlet just to the left of the door. It's an electronic lock - maybe you could short it out? Read the description of the electrical cord you got from the Make-Up Classroom, and you will note that one end is well insulated. Change that, by using your hand icon on it (12). Once the end has been stripped, plug the cord into the outlet (7), and then into the lock on the door (12). Char will then leave, telling you to meet her in the Electroshock Exercise Center after she's showered.

You automatically enter, and she joins you really quickly (10). She'll then get the juices flowing, (take note of the girl that runs out of the toaster- like tanning machine) and you'll wake up the next morning in your hotel room. You might have noticed that you have something new in your inventory: a Modern Sculpture. Anyways, where to now? The last time we were in the Blues Bar, not much was going on - let's check it out again, though.

Exit your room and walk down the stairs to the lobby, then walk two screens to the right. Go down the little ramp to the left, and you'll enter the Blues Bar. It's still pretty dead, but there's actually some entertainment onstage this time. Go ahead and pick up another match first, then look at the country singer. She's too busy singing to talk, so use your hand icon on the cord of the microphone, and you'll trip over it (10).

Burgundy will go and sit at the end of the stage, so click your eye icon on her to get a closer look. Talk to her five times, and you'll offer to buy her a drink (2). Unfortunately, she doesn't like any of the foo-foo hippie drinks they offer here - she likes good ol' fashinoned beer, and would like nothing more than to wrap her lips around a tall one. Luckily, you just happen to be lugging around that six-pack from the employees' area! Give it to her (6), and she'll chug down all six beers. By this point, Gary will have come in and plugged the microphone back in, so Burgundy will go back to singing once she's finished her beer.

Exit the Blues Bar, then walk three screens to the right (or, hitch a ride with Art). Use Cavaricchi's employee ID card to get through the gate, then walk behind the tent again and get a second six-pack of beer (6). Walk left three screens and go down the ramp to reenter the Blues Bar. Trip over the cord a second time, then go look at Burgundy. Offer her the second six-pack of beer (8), and she'll tell you she could use a good sauna. Invite her to use it with you (remember your date with Cavaricchi?), and she'll walk off backstage to change out of her gown.

Follow Burgundy backstage, and a close-up view will pull up. Pick up the gown she left behind (13), and exit the Blues Bar. Walk left twice to get to the lobby, and then left one more screen. Enter the health spa, and go through the door second from the left. Walk up one screen into the shower, then look at the right wall. Below the right towel hook, you should see a blue tile that is a little bit lighter in color than the others. Click your hand icon on it to move it and peek into the women's shower (1)!

Once you've finished ogling the naked lady (come on, any day now), go back down one screen, click your hand icon on the bottom right locker, then your towel on the locker. For some reason, you can't peek while only wearing your towel. Anyways, go back up into the shower and through the door into the Mud Baths. In the top center of the room is a door leading to the Swedish Sauna - go through it and you'll meet up with Burgundy (10).

Shortly thereafter, Cavaricchi comes in and joins the two of you. Try to talk to them, but you'll find that they're getting a bit more friendly with each other than they are with you. Continue talking until you automatically poor the water on the rocks, steamin up the room. Unfortunately, the two girls have left by the time the steam dissipates - however, Burgundy left her bracelet! Pick up the bracelet (12) and leave the sauna.

Walk through the door second from the left, and take another shower (3). Go down one screen, click the hand on the locker, then the towel on the locker to get dressed. Walk down two screens to get back to the corridor, left one screen, then down the ramp to enter the Make-Up Classroom. Remember that dress Shablee wanted? Use the eye icon on her to bring up the close-up view, then give her Burgundy's gown (14). She'll be very happy, and invite you to meet her later that night at the beach.

The game automatically cuts to nighttime at the beach, where you sit down with Shablee (who's been kind enough to bring some bubbly!). Talk to her, then use your hand icon on her, talk, hand, then talk again and you'll ask for a kiss. Paw her again, then talk to get a bigger kiss. Click your zipper icon on her, and she'll let you know that she's ready and that she hopes you brought a condom. Thankfully, you called that Turn Down Service! Click the condom on her (13) and she'll take it and wear it. Looks like you're going to finally get lucky - reach down and pull out your...wait just a darn minute. Did I just say that she put on the condom? Unfortunately, yes - it looks like she's packing some serious meat. Looks like you might want to grab something to bite down on again.

The next morning, you start off in your bathroom, gargling and washing up. Exit the bathroom, then your bedroom, then go down the stairs. Now, walk right two screens and go down to the pool, then to the far right to get back to the beach. I know, I know, you don't exactly want to go back here and relive last night, but trust me. At the beach, you'll find that the champagne Shablee brought is still there - pick it up (6), then go back to the pool.

Enter the door in the top right, the bottom door, and then the left door to reenter the Mud Baths. Go in the top right door to reenter the Electroshock Exercise Center, and you'll notice something sparkling on the ground near the tanning machine. Pick it up (15), and you'll discover that it's a pearl. Exit the room, then go through the door second from the left, then down two screens into the Health Spa. We've taken care of the needs of all the girls we met so far, except for Gammie.

Go through the door on the far right to enter the Cellulite Drainage Salon. So let's see here - the machine is in pretty bad shape. Look at the red piston in the lower left corner, and you'll see that it's long, hard, and DRY. Not good. What happens when your car doesn't have any oil? We'll have to lube up the piston, but with what? Nope, not the hand creme; use the bucket of lard on the piston (6). Now, to take care of that large hole in the tubing in the upper right corner. Read the descriptions of the items in your inventory - got anything that might be used as a "bandage?" Use the wriggle belt from the BunShaker machine on the vacuum line (7). Now, don't do this, but if you went and turned on the machine right now, you'd see that there's a problem with the hose near the filter in the center. Look at the filter, and you'll see that the lid is bolted down. Use your adjustable wrench to loosen the bolts (5), then lift the lid and remove the filter (4).

If you look at the filter, you'll see that it's totally clogged up. Looks like you'll have to do a little dishwashing, so exit the Cellulite Drainage Salon, go down one screen to exit the Health Spa, then go right two screens and enter the door. You'll be back in the Dining Room; go through the double doors into the Kitchen. Use the clogged cellulite filter on the kitchen sink to the left, and it'll come out as good as new (10). Now, walk down two screens, left two screens, through the door into the Health Spa, then through the far right door into the Cellulite Drainage Salon.

Replace the cellulite filter (4), close the lid, and use your adjustable wrench to retighten the bolts (3). Now, time to test the machine out: flip the switch and wait, until you get the message that it's working (10). Turn it off, then walk down two screens to get back to the corridor, then right once to get back to the lobby. Look at Gammie, and you'll automatically tell her you fixed the machine (5). She'll then leave her position behind the counter and start for the Cellulite Drainage Salon. Prepare to be wowed by her ass, then follow her there.

Once in, Gammie will flop down onto the machine, like a beached whale. Click your hand icon on her to hook her up to the machine (2), then flip the switch. After a little while of sucking, Gammie will ask for an orange, which you should still have from the salad bar. Give it to her (6), then talk to her again, and she'll ask for a cool cloth to put on her head. Walk down twice, right twice, then through the door and then a second door to reenter the Kitchen. If you washed your face with the washcloth as I told you to before, it should still be wet. Not cool, however, so open the refrigerator door on the right side of the room and throw it in (6). Close the refrigerator door and wait a little while before removing it (3). Now, head back to the Cellulite Drainage Salon - down twice, left twice, through the door, through the far right door.

Back in the salon, give the chilled washcloth to Gammie (6), and she'll ask for a bottle of mineral water. Exit the room, walk down once to leave the Health Spa, then right once to enter the lobby. Walk up the stairs and use the key on the door to enter your room. Looking at the card, you see that you can dial Room Service by dialing 71 - do so (1). Unfortunately, you have no credit whatsoever with La Costa Lotta, so you can't order anything. Guess we'll just have to do what we've been doing all game: steal.

Leave your room and walk back downstairs to the lobby, then walk right three screens. You should see a service tray on the ground, with an unopened bottle of mineral water. Pick it up (6), then walk left four screens, go through the door, then the far right door to reenter the Cellulite Drainage Salon. Give Gammie the bottle of water (6), and you'll automatically shut off the room. Of course, now that she's no longer carrying so much junk in the trunk, she thinks she's too good for you and walks off. Typical.

There must be something you can get OUT of her, right? You helped change her from a big, fat WHALE to the nice-looking lady she is now. Look through your inventory - see anything? A whale oil lamp, perhaps? Use it on the faucet at the bottom middle of the screen to fill up your lamp (15). Anyways, we've pretty much taken care of all the girls (and one man) that we've met so far.

Looking through your inventory, you will see that all that ice that the bottle of champagne was in has melted. Exit the room, go down to exit the Health Spa, then go right one screen and up the stairs. Use the champagne/ice bucket on the ice machine (12) to replace the ice. If you look at the elevator right next to the ice machine, you'll see that it leads to the penthouse. Did you know people up there can have food sent straight up to them from the Kitchen?

Go down the stairs, right one screen, through the door, and through the double doors into the Kitchen. In the top right corner is a dumbwaiter and the two buttons that control it. Click your hand icon on the button to enter the dumbwaiter (9), then press the red button to go up to the penthouse. Walk to the left one screen, and you'll see a topless beauty sitting on the balcony.

Click your eye icon on her to get a closer look. Once in this view, click your eye icon on her face to get a closeup view of her face (too bad this doesn't work on any other parts!), then talk to her (4). Continue talking to find out that she needs a man to help get her out of her funk - like most women, though, she wants presents. Well, let's give her pretty much all we've got. Light the match by clicking your zipper icon on it (12), then quickly use the lit match to light the lamp (8). Give Shamara the lit lamp (20), the orchid (20), the silver bracelet (20), the pearl (20), the diamond (20), modern sculpture (20), the Words of Wisdom (20), and finally, the chilled champagne (20). Now, sit back and watch your hero make fireworks with the lovely virgin(!) Not only have you beaten Leisure Suit Larry 6, you did so with 1000/1000 points! Congratulations!