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Ever wondered what all of the items within Leisure Suit Larry 6 are? Well wonder no more, this page provides a list of all of the items and a description of where they came from and what use they are.

Adjustable wrench

"This wrench is adjustable to fit nuts up to 1.5 inches across. (You have nothing to worry about!" Obtained from Mark while he is fixing your bathroom sink.

Bastard file

"This is a mill bastard file. No, seriously!" Obtained from Mark while he is fixing your bathroom sink.

Beaver, deflated

"Why would a ritzy resort like La Costa Lotta pass out uninflated flotation devices?" Obtained from the swimming pool area.

Beaver, full

"You're just waiting for some joke about a 'full beaver,' aren't you?!" Obtained by using the deflated beaver with a tire of the fast food truck in the kitchen.


Obtained from the Health Spa.

Bungee tower key

Opens the door to the bungee tower. Obtained from Billy Dee, the lifeguard at the swimming pool.

Burgundy's Gown

"Burgundy's evening gown is far too small to fit you." Obtained from the Blues Bar backstage after giving Burgundy two six-packs of beer.

Cellulite filter

"The Cellulite Drainage Salon's filter is totally clogged with a white, viscous substance with a sour aroma a little like spoiled seafood." Obtained from the Cellulite Drainage Salon after using the adjustable wrench the filter lid.

Cellulite filter, clean

"Your cellulite filter is now sparkling clean, thanks to the spa's dishwasher!" Obtained by using the cellulite filter on the sink in the Kitchen.

Champagne, chilled

"Shablee's champagne is iced down and ready to go." Obtained by using the warm champagne with the ice machine outside your room.

Champagne, warm

"The ice in the bucket has all melted, leaving you with a bottle of fine, lukewarm champagne." Obtained from the beach after the date with Shablee there.

Cold ones (six)

"Ah. Six cold long necks!" Obtained from the washtub in the tent in the employees' area.

Condom, complimentary

"Spartan Brand. Size: Extra Small." Obtained from your pillow, after calling the Turn Down service and coming back to your room.

D-cell batteries (six)

"These six, red-hot, D-cell batteries are fully charged and rarin' to go!" Obtained from the big flashlight Art lets you use for a little while.

Dental floss

"Complimentary mint-flavoured dental floss." Obtained from the Housekeeping cart.

Diamond (large)

"If you had a loupe you'd be able to judge it more accurately, but for right now you'd call it approximately 2.38 carat, VVS, H-I." Obtained from the dog collar given by Thunderbird.

Dog collar

"Thunderbird may have been sadistic, but at least she has a generous side: your new dog collar came complete with a large diamond!" Obtained from Thunderbird after finding her room and having a drink.

Electrical cord

"One end of this electrical cord has a standard AC plug attached, but the other end is still well-insulated." Obtained from the floor of the Make-Up Classroom.

Electrical cord, bare

"One end of the electrical cord has a standard plug on it. The other end is now bare wire. You'd better be careful plugging this thing into an outlet. Those bare wires could deliver quite a charge!" Obtained by using hand icon on the electrical cord.

Employee ID badge

"Cavaricchi's employee ID badge has her picture on the front, and a magnetic strip on the back." Obtained from Cavaricchi after taking part in her aerobics class.

Flashlight, big

"Art gave you a large flashlight containing at least 6 D-cells. You presume this baby could easily double as a nightstick." Obtained from Art after disconnecting his cart's power and offering to help.

Floss swimsuit

"You are SO clever! Making a swimsuit out of dental floss! Where did you ever get that idea?" Obtained by combining dental floss with sunglasses cleaning cloth.

Flower arrangement

"La Costa Lotta thoughtfully places fresh flowers in every guest's room." Obtained from the table in your room.

Hand cream, complimentary

"Pure Al Lowe Vera Hand Lotion." Obtained from the Housekeeping cart.


"These handcuffs are made of 99 and 44/100%-pure Taiwanese steel. (It floats!)" Obtained from Daryl in the guardhouse, after moving the Mud Baths camera.

Impressed soap, bar of

"ImpressED Imported Oat Bran Soap." Obtained by using the bungee tower key with the Impressive soap, on top of the tower.

Impressive soap

"Impressive Imported Oat Bran Soap." Obtained from the Housekeeping cart.

Lamp, filled

"Filling your whale oil lamp with cellulite just might work." Obtained by using the whale oil lamp with the faucet in the Cellulite Drainage Salon, after Gammie is finished.

Lamp, lit

"This lamp looks like it could burn forever." Obtained by using the lit match with the filled lamp.

Lard bucket

"Five gallons of lard should come in handy if you're planning to do a lot of baking!" Obtained from the trash cans in the Kitchen.


"This kitchen match looks like it should light...if it is properly struck." Obtained from the bowl in the Blues Bar.

Match, lit

"This match is ablaze! Be careful." Obtained by striking the match upon your zipper.

Mineral water, bottle of

"Who do you know that would love a nice bottle of mineral water?" Obtained from a service tray in the east corridor.

Modern Sculpture

"The high amperage of the spa's Electroshock Exercise Machine has transformed your genuine gold-plated medallion into a mass of molten metal now resembling modern sculpture. You decide to name it 'Suffering in Silence.'" Obtained after you meet Char in the Electroshock Exercise Center.


"The last remaining fresh orange in the salad bar." Obtained from under the ice atop the salad bar, in the Dining Room.


"You haven't seen an orchid since your high school prom...when you ended up with your own corsage the night she stood you up!" Obtained from Rose in the High Colonic Treatment Suite, after giving her flowers.


"You wonder if La Costa Lotta has a jeweler who could mount this on one of your gold chains." Obtained from the Electroshock Exercise Center after meeting Char there.

Room key

"This is the key to your room. If you stick it in just the right place, it MIGHT do you some good." Obtained from Gammie at the start of the game.

Room key, random

"The key you swiped from the lobby looks like all the other hotel keys..." Obtained from the key deposit box in the lobby.

Silver bracelet

"Burgundy's bracelet appears to be solid silver. It must have cost her plenty! And some man probably spent a lot of money on it, too!" Obtained from the Swedish Sauna after Burgundy and Cavaricchi leave.


"Genuine 'Bar-nets!'" Obtained from the sunglasses case found on the floating swimming pool bar.

Sunglasses case

"You have a deluxe sunglasses case that doesn't't appear to be empty." Obtained from the floating swimming pool bar.

Sunglasses cleaning cloth

"This cute little swatch of cloth is nearly as small as some of those floss bikinis you've seen on the beach!" Obtained from the sunglasses case found on the floating swimming pool bar.

Toilet paper, roll of

"The roll of toilet paper is a delicate shade of off-white." Obtained from the Housekeeping cart.

Toilet seat covers

"If La Costa Lotta was really thoughtful, they would have provided these IN your bathroom, instead of on that maid's cart!" Obtained from the Housekeeping cart.

Towel, complimentary

"White is your favourite towel colour." Obtained from the Housekeeping cart.

Tower key copy

"Because of your cleverness, this once humble unknown room key is now an exact copy of the key to the bungee jumping tower." Obtained by filing the random room key, after making the bar of impressed soap.

Washcloth, chilled

"It was really clever how you cooled down this washcloth!" Obtained by putting a wet washcloth in the refrigerators in the Kitchen.

Washcloth, complimentary

"La Costa Lotta's washcloths are soft and fluffy...not at all like yours back home!" Obtained from the Housekeeping cart.

Whale oil lamp

"The old whale oil lamp's wick is still usable." Obtained by using the hand icon on the sand at the beach.

Words of Wisdom

Merrily's thoughts on life, love, and happiness. Obtained on top of the bungee tower, after you give her the key, undress yourself, and touch her.

Wriggle belt

"The rubber belt reminds you of an elastic bandage for sumo wrestlers!" Obtained from the BunShaker machine in the weight room, after you give Thunderbird the handcuffs.