Larry Porthole

"Shape Up or Slip Out!"


Larry 6 box art - Click for a larger image
Release Date : 1993
Platform : PC (DOS & Windows 3.1)
Estimated Sold (PC, English) : 700,000 Units

The release of Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip was a bit strange for the consumer. Released in 1993 using the latest SCI engine available, it offered a reasonable but perhaps nothing particulary outstanding adventure game. Things were to change later however as some time in 1994 Sierra released an enhanced version containing improved graphics and full speech. The provision of full speech possibly brought with it a love/hate it relationship to Larry himself.

Those of us in Blightly didn't really take to the rather nauseating vocals used for the Larry character. Whilst they seemed to 'fit' they quickly made the repetitive statements tiresome. Somehow I wonder whether the technology helped or not but the sales figures were impressive easily surpassing Larry's previous outing.

However, the announcer himself fitted the part perfectly with a firm but completely laughable tone thus I guess it was simply the voice used rather than the provision of a voice at all!

If you specifically want the voice version, be careful not to purchase the early version of the Collector's Edition (known as the Greatest Hits & Misses Collection outside of Europe). This collection comes on 1 CD and consequently includes only the non voice version. The later 2 CD collection (Sierra Collection Series) is complete with full voice and so is the one to buy!

The visual differences between the two versions (original VGA and enhanced CD-ROM version) was quite impressive. Whilst most locations seem alike there are a couple where the presentation seems a little different rather than just better quality. To show you how much better then enhanced version looks, here is the lobby of La Costa Lotta for comparison.

Larry 6 - VGA quality - Click for a larger image Larry 6 - CD-ROM quality - Click for a larger image

The original release came with the DOS based SCI interpreter, Sierra leaving it to the 're-release' to support Windows 3.1. As with all Sierra games, the DOS based interpreter is usually easier to get running (fortunately the enhanced version of the game came with both interpreters.)

Unlike previous Leisure Suit Larry games, there are no known script errors related to timer issues. However there are a couple of issues with the Windows version (same old story for Sierra games!). Check out Al Lowe's troubleshooting page for details *before* you start playing the game.

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