Larry Porthole

"Shape Up or Slip Out!"

Easter Eggs

Larry 6 random image - Click for a larger image

Here are some things you can try in the game.

As with Leisure Suit Larry 5 there were not many cross game references in this outing of Larry. A lot of the 'eggs' described here are amusing death sequences so make sure you save your game before trying them! One such cross game reference was from Freddy Pharkas - Frontier Pharmacist when Larry helps Gammie with her 'problem'.

Also please note that I did not create this list!

Although documented there a few keyboard actions that are easily (and later quickly) overlooked. Ctrl-F for a fidget... of course only those appropriate to Larry! There are also some 'toilet humour' sounds by pressing a range of function keys.

Take a mud bath. Shower afterwards to remove the mud.

Knock on all the hallway doors for random messages from the inhabitants.

In the Men's Shower room, on the right wall, there is one "off-color" tile. Click your hand on it to check out the action in the Women's Shower.

After taking Cav's Employee ID badge, click your hand rapidly on Cav's T-shirt. Sure you die, but you don't really care, do you?

You cannot go into the women's shower room unless you're wearing a women's shower cap. There is no women's shower cap in the game. HA HA.

Try this one only if you have a sound card with a DAC chip: In your bedroom, walk left until you are completely hidden behind the plants at the left edge of the screen. Click the talk icon on the plants. You'll hear people in the next room having more fun that you're having.

Dial any 900 or 976 number on your phone.

Dial 911 or 1 209 683-4468 on your phone

Dial 411 on the phone (the number the information operator) and see the message you get.

Use your zipper on the Quiki-Checkout key box beside the reception desk in the hotel lobby.

Click Your Zipper on the fountain both before and after talking to Gary.

Click your zipper on the bottles on the back bar of the Blues Bar (under the swimming pool window.)

Stand behind the taco truck in the kitchen and click your zipper on the truck.

Wait around on top of any waterjet in the men's shower (both while wearing your clothes and while you're in the towel). Note the difference??

Get a perfect score of 1,000. Watch what happens to the Score-O-Meter!

If you wait for a while in your hotel room, you'll eventually see a girl bungee jump past your window. If you stand near the window and click the zipper icon on her as she comes down, Larry will flash her. Oooooo! Exciting!

Don't lubricate the piston in the Cellulite Drainage Salon.

Don't clean the filter in the cellulite Drainage Salon.

Click your zipper on Gary the Towel Attendant.

Walk into the ocean.

Wear your Leisure Suit into the swimming pool.

Wear your leisure suit into the sauna.

Wear your leisure suit in the Mud Bath.

Open the pool door on the back of the wall of the Blues Bar.

Touch the gate of the Employees' Campground.

At the far West End of the hotel a set of stairs leads down to the beach. Lean on the fence.

Plug the electrical cord into the outlet before you strip the insulation off the end of the wire.

Put your hand on the taco truck tire.

Grab Daryl the Gate Guard's pistol.

Walk past the gatehouse as if you were trying to leave spa grounds.

Pick up the hand weights near the back wall of the Weight Room.

After taking Cav's Employee ID badge, click your hand rapidly on Cav's T-Shirt.

Sit on the toilet, and use the hand creme and brochure.

After giving the key to Merrily, Larry gives you to perfect opportunity to check her out from below ("Ladies first!"). You can get a better look, but you have a window of only 2 seconds in which to click your cursor on the 'eye' icon and then move it to her rump and click. This must be done when Larry and she are on the ladder and right after they stop talking. If you miss her butt, you've wasted the opportunity.