Larry Porthole

"Shape Up or Slip Out!"

Debug Mode

Larry 6 random image - Click for a larger image

There was a significant difference in the debug modes available between Leisure Suit Larry 6 VGA and the enhanced SVGA edition. The VGA release supported a fully featured debug mode while the enhanced version was shipped with the remnants of some debugging 'helpers'. Surprisingly, and unlike most debug mechanisms, these are always active and thus could possibly be picked up by a casual player.

For owners of the VGA version, drop in the contents of this file into your game directory. When the game is next run, you'll be prompted for a location to start in. Each separate location has a unique number (press Alt-R for room info) and you can quickly jump (via the Alt-T, Teleport, command) to each.

The remaining elements of debug mode within the enhanced edition are still actually worthwhile mentioning - certain actions could be triggered by clicking 4 times with the "hand icon" on the following list of objects:

Front desk lobby

Left chandelier - Gives stuff to fix cellulite machine
Right chandelier - The maid's cart is now upstairs
Ashtray - Gives you ThunderBird's sequence
Counter door - Gives you Char's sequence
Counter top - Gives current free memory

Hall with elevator

Plant above elevator - Shablee has the gown and gives Larry the condom and champagne

Larry's Room

Overhang above toilet door - Gets the plumber to work on sink/toilet
Right-most plant - Choice between certain events to execute

Larry's Toilet

Towel rack - Gives the towel, toilet cover, toilet paper, hand cream, brochure and the wash cloth.

Path leading to beach

Big tree - Gives you Shablee's sequence

Part of the lobby with pool entrance to North

Right sculpture - Gives the swim suit, your room key and the inflatable beaver

East end of resort corridor

Right sculpture - Gives matches for Art

Rose's room

Bottle of grease - Gives flowers for Rose

Details of the debug mode for this game came from the excellent Sierra Debug Mode FAQ which can be obtained here