Larry Porthole

"Passionate Patti does a little undercover work!"

Copy Protection

Larry 5 - Copy protection - Click for a larger image
More manual mayhem!

Thankfully Sierra continued to utilise a relatively non intrusive copy protection mechanism. In this instance, during the course of the game, Larry needs to catch a plane for which he needs to obtain the boarding pass. A special graphical code of five symbols located in the manual was entered into the ticket machine and, if correct, a ticket would be made given.

Again, it allowed a player in to the game but then required the manual (and therefore hopefully implying that the player had actually purchased the title!), before the game would continue past certain points.

Unlike Larry 3, failure to supply the correct code did not throw the player back to 'DOS'.

Larry 5 - Protect tha game? - Click for a larger image

Al Lowe has made the manual available on his web site for those of you who have maybe misplaced your originals!

Another form of 'protection' was that for preventing younger eyes access to the game. To do this, Larry 5 allowed the game to be protected by a password. Failure to supply the password would cause the game to quit.

However, as things go it's an absolutely hopeless form of protection! Before running Larry 5, simply delete the file memory.drv and the password protection scheme will be removed!