Larry Porthole

"Passionate Patti does a little undercover work!"

Atlantic City

Here I provide details of the locations that Larry will discover. Additionally, in order to gain maximum points, I'll also describe the tasks that Larry has to perform at each locations. Any location which serves to add plot only will be displayed at the end of the page.

As Larry 5 takes Larry and Patti across some distinct areas, I've split up the pages for faster loading. use the menu to load in the particular section you're after.

Larry 5 - Back in an airport - Click for a larger image

Back in an airport

Larry loves these airports! There's always something to do differently in an airport...

Larry 5 - Casino Entrance - Click for a larger image

Casino Entrance

A larry game with a Casino, who'd have guessed eh? Larry's drawn to these for one purpose - hey to win and win he shall! He needs to get his stake first though...

Larry 5 - Inside the Casino - Click for a larger image

Inside the Casino

You need to gain a considerable cash pile here. So bet high and save/restore as often as necessary!

Larry 5 - Wet T-Shirt Show - Click for a larger image

Wet T-Shirt Show

Larry meets another girl here, but not one of his targets. I'm sure he'd have liked to given that she starred in a Wet T-Shirt contest!

Larry 5 - Walking along the boardwalk - Click for a larger image

Walking along the boardwalk

Larry needs to chill down with a walk after the Wet T-Shirt Contest at the Casino. There are a few similar locations with some skaters who seemed determined to take Larry out! Also, don't fall off the edge or it's a slow swim back to the start.

Larry 5 - Ivana's realm - Click for a larger image

Ivana's realm

Strangely hidden along the boardwalk, Ivana has a roller skate hire centre. The clues are subtle.

Larry 5 - Meeting Lana Luscious - Click for a larger image

Meeting Lana Luscious

Larry hasn't quite perfected the art of roller skating and the people around him certainly don't give him any room! However, he must try to grab the attention of one particular skater...

Larry 5 - Mud Wrestling with Lana - Click for a larger image

Mud Wrestling with Lana

Larry's not sure about this but hey it could be fun... little does Larry know but he's gonna be the star of the show!

Larry 5 - Flytime once more (spot the image re-use...) - Click for a larger image

Flytime once more

Larry's off to his final destination. Will he ever meet his beloved Patti? Eagle eyed readers may spot that I'm re-using the airport location from Los Angeles!

Larry 5 - Dream time once more - Click for a larger image

Dream time once more

Larry's mind once more wanders off into a more pleasant track. He's consistent though - another dream with Patti being the central attraction.