Larry Porthole

"Passionate Patti does a little undercover work!"

Los Angeles

Here I provide details of the locations that Larry will discover. Additionally, in order to gain maximum points, I'll also describe the tasks that Larry has to perform at each locations. Any location which serves to add plot only will be displayed at the end of the page.

As Larry 5 takes Larry and Patti across some distinct areas, I've split up the pages for faster loading. use the menu to load in the particular section you're after.

Larry 5 - Los Angeles Airport - Click for a larger image

Los Angeles Airport

Larry spends a lot of time jetting around the U.S.

There's nothing of use at any of the airport terminals (which all look rather spookily similar!) except the ATM (Automatic Ticket Machine) and the Limo.

Larry 5 - It's an ATM - Click for a larger image

It's an ATM!

The copy protection system is implemented here. The way it is done is actually more fun than most other schemes.

Larry 5 - Inside the airport terminal - Click for a larger image

Inside the airport terminal

They all look spookily similar inside too!

However don't be fooled, there's always something slightly different in each. Reading the 'adverts' placed high on the walls will gain you some useful phone numbers.

Larry 5 - The 'handy' power outlet - Click for a larger image

The 'handy' power outlet

Here Larry's charges his camera using the battery pack. It's quite amazing that 'back then' they only had 5 minutes of usage for a fully charged battery.

Larry 5 - Waiting for boarding - Click for a larger image

Waiting for boarding

Another amusing bit is the small sequence where Larry must sit on the chair (and fall off in clown style) before the plane will be ready for boarding!

Larry 5 - Leaving Los Angeles - Click for a larger image

Leaving Los Angeles

No points to be had here, just a re-useable airport sequence. Larry leaves Los Angeles to seek out his ladies...

Larry 5 - Journey's beginning - Click for a larger image

Journey's beginning

Larry makes tracks, Indiana Jones style!

Those clouds look rather cool!

Larry 5 - Economy Class Seating - Click for a larger image

Economy Class Seating

A very subtle points pick-up here. If you're quick witted, then you'd have guessed that the seat pocket in front of you (which is out of view of course) would contain something useful!

Larry 5 - Dream sequence - Click for a larger image

Dream sequence

Larry falls asleep on the plane and begins to dream about... Patti!

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