Larry Porthole

"Passionate Patti does a little undercover work!"


Larry 5 box art - Click for a larger image
Release Date : 1991
Platform : PC, Amiga
Estimated Sold (PC, English) : 400,000 Units

Leisure Suit Larry 5: Passionate Patti does a little undercover work! was to mark the return of Larry. As many a dedicated fan knew, there wasn't supposed to be any more after no. 3 - after all the story was all tied up and Larry was happy at last. Or so it would have seemed....

Deep inside the offices of Sierra, Al worked out how to resurrect the Larry storyline as it was deemed necessary to continue the series. Check out one version of the story behind the 'missing' game.

As in Larry 3, the game allowed the player to (rather perversely) play both Larry and Patti during the course of the game.

Larry 5 continued to use Sierra's SCI engine that had now been refined once more. The graphics show the greatest difference to that of Larry 3 with Larry taking on a very cartoony appearance. The caricature nature of the graphics fitted very well with the whole setting!

Leisure Suit Larry 5: Passionate Patti does a little undercover work starts off with Larry actually in employment! Larry 5 start screen - Click for a larger image He's holding down a grunts job in the pornographic industry which rather befits his profile! Patti is for some reason (later explained) a hazy memory...

Sierra had dabbled and faffed around with the game content in previous releases. This time they stuck to the now tried, tested and accepted style that was appropriate to a Larry title. Bawdy, rude and funny just about sums it up!

This particular release did seem to err on the side of crudeness - one of Larry's 'targets' eats a rather interesting desert in an 'interesting' manner! There is also plenty of skin on show throughout the game so it's not really appropriate for younger audiences.

Watch out for a couple of problem areas when running this game on a system with a modern CPU. Thankfully there is a Larry 5 Mud wrestling, an SCI timer issue - Click for a larger image solution for this with a fully tested patch that was made available in January 2004. It can be downloaded from here. Alternatively you can play the game through DOSBox.

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