Larry Porthole

"Passionate Patti does a little undercover work!"


Larry 5 Al's humour - Click for a larger image

Here, we divulge who Larry paid particular interest in during his fourth outing (remember there was *no* Larry 4! Larry had some fun in this one and the game did show a little more skin!

Michelle Milken Larry 5 Michelle Milken - Click for a larger image

Location : At the Hard Disk Cafe

Larry meets Michelle at the trendy Hard Disk Cafe in New York. She's the first of his three targets. Michelle has a way with here deserts...

Jennifer Jiggle Larry 5 Jennifer Jiggle - Click for a larger image

Location : Wet T-Shirt Contest

Larry meets Jennifer in Atlantic City! Wet T-Shirts still do something for Larry" Although she's not one of Larry's targets she still shows off her pixels!

Lana Luscious Larry 5 Lana Luscious - Click for a larger image

Location : At the Casino

Larry meets Lana at the Casino in Atlantic City! A lady not afraid to show her midriff, Larry thinks he's in with a chance until that is he discovers she's a mud wrestler ... and Larry's in the ring with her!

Chi Chi Larry 5 Chi Chi - Click for a larger image

Location : At the dentist in Miami

Does Larry have to go through with full dental treatment with Chi Chi? Play the game and find out. Also if you want to see a bit more skin, play with here buttons for long enough and Larry will be rewarded! The thumbnail hides the better picture!