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Copy Protection

Larry 3 - Copy protection - Click for a larger image
More manual mayhem!

Thankfully, the physical disk protection scheme had long since been abandoned by Sierra. In it's place was a refinement of manual based (question and answer) protection scheme. In this instance, during the course of the game, several characters would ask you for a ticket number. This number was merely an unlock key so the game would continue.

This would be the style of copy protection employed by Sierra for some time to come. It allowed a player into the game but then required the manual (and therefore hopefully implying that the player had actually purchased the title!), before the game could continue past certain points.

Here, as pictured, should Larry not respond with the correct code, the game will end the players position with a 'helpful' reminder about having save games!

As Larry 3 - Age protection - Click for a larger image well as game (anti-piracy) protection, Sierra also used the by-now standard age verification questions. The number of correct answers directly controlled the level of 'bawdiness' the game supplied. Clearly everyone should get all of the answers correct in order to enjoy the game as it was intended!

Should you not know the answers, simultaneously pressing Ctl-Alt-X will bypass the age check and allow the player to choose the level of 'rudeness'. Of course, everyone will choose 5! And for those of you thinking... yes it *does* make a difference in game!

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