Larry Porthole

"Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals"


Larry 3 Start screen - Click for a larger image

Here, we divulge who Larry paid particular interest in during his third outing. As stated elsewhere, Larry had a lot more fun in this one!

Tawni Larry 3 Tawni - Click for a larger image

Location : On Nontoonyt Island Beach

Larry meets Tawni on a sandy beach. (Remember this was the spot where he met Kalalau). It wasn't quite love at first site for Larry though he got done to some serious business. Unfortunately for Larry, some sand crabs put paid to the idea of a continued relationship.

Cherri Larry 3 Cherri - Click for a larger image

Location : At the Casino club

Larry meets Cherri at the Casino club. First off she seduces him with her exotic dance, then Larry falls for her situation and rekindles his divorce proceedings with purpose and meaning. Of course she repays Larry in the best way she knows how!

Suzi Larry 3 Suzi - Click for a larger image

Location : In the lawyers office

Does Larry have a habit of running in to weird woman? I believe the answer is a resounding yes! Suzi, whilst attractive, intelligent and has all things that make Larry tick has a hidden secret.... it's all in the underwear! At least Suzi manages to complete on Larry's divorce with the minimum of aggravation for both parties.

Bambi Larry 3 Bambi - Click for a larger image

Location : At the Fitness Club

An aerobics instructor with a problem - her videos just don't stand out in the cut throat market of video distribution. Larry has some ideas, well in fact he's only got one idea and it's not too difficult to work out what's running through his mind! Look out for the sun bed scene...