Larry Porthole

"Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking For Love

(In Several Wrong Places)"


Larry 2 end screen - Click for a larger image

Walkthoughs are always a difficult task to master. They generally impart too much information and/or are written in action format. Neither is great for the adventurer who's stuck and only needs a hint. I've tried to provide a walkthrough that doesn't detract from the plot of the game - after all that is the key element in an adventure.

If you know of an alternative (and better) walkthrough than the one presented here, please let me know.

For those who just want general hints, then download the Universal Hint System file.

Remember, as soon as you start the game, to turn the filth level up. Many times have I forgotten that until I got to confronting Dr. Nonookee. LSL2 starts out clean, and relies on YOU to make it dirty.

Once you begin the game, walk into Eve's garage. Walk north and east until you are hidden from view, and type "get dollar". After that, go north one, and then east one. When you see a jogger run out on the screen in the background, "look jogger". Then, go west one. After that, go north 2 times, until you reach KROD studios, and then go east 2 times, until you reach an alley. Walk as close as you can get to the far side of the trash bin, then go east until you touch the Quicki-Mart. You'll relieve yourself. Enjoy this, as this is one of the few times you can do this in the game. (And he drinks a LOT of Cola in LSL2!). After that, walk up to the knothole in the fence and "look in knothole".

Then go one screen east, to the Quicki Mart, and enter the store. Once in there, "buy ticket". Then pick 6 different 3-digit numbers. It doesn't matter which ones you pick. You'll get a message saying "Processing..." Keep hitting enter through all the Processing messages, until you get a message that your ticket pops out. Leave the screen by going south, out the door, and go west 3 times, to KROD studios. Walk up the steps, and through the doors, to the north. Approach the receptionist, and "give ticket". She'll spout out 6 different 3-digit numbers, which you have to write down. She then will ask you what 6 numbers you chose, and sure enough... Just tell her HER 6 numbers back. Instant winner. Once you're in the Green Room, move north to the bench and "sit". Wait about 30 seconds, until a man from the door to the left comes out. After he leaves, "stand", and follow him through the door. Watch the entire The Dating Connection sequence. When Barbara asks you your answer to her questions, type whatever you want. She'll hate whatever you type. Once you win (ironic, ain't it?), you are escorted back out to the Green Room. Once you resume control, go back and "sit" on the same bench for another 30 seconds. After that, a woman from the right door will come out. "stand" and follow her. Watch the lottery sequence. You come out a millionaire. Once you regain control you'll be in the lobby.

Note: At this point the game is timed. If you run out of time, the ship leaves without you, and you die. So, don't dawdle. Go one screen south, until you're outside KROD studios again. Then, go another screen south, and then one screen east. You'll be outside Molto Lira. "look at sidewalk" in front of the store. Then, go up to the door, and enter the store. Walk to the brightly colored swimsuits in the back and "get swimsuit". Then, go up to the cashier and "pay for swimsuit". She'll give you your change. Exit the store via the south exit, and go east twice, until you get to Swab's Drugstore. Enter the store, and move to the shelf closest to the left (the stand-alone shelf) and walk behind it, so you're partially hidden by it. "get sunscreen". Walk up to the cashier, and "pay man".

Go one screen north, back to the quicki-mart, and enter it. Go to the drink fountain, and "fill cup". It takes a while, but it gets done. Walk up to the cashier and "pay woman". Leave the store. Then, go south 3 times, until you're at the barber's. Enter the barber's, and "sit" in his chair. Once you get your haircut, walk out of the store. Walk 2 screen west, until you get to Eve's house. Walk up to her garbage cans (if they aren't there, leave the screen and re-enter until they are), and "search trash" and "search trash" again. After you find your passport, "get passport". Then, go 2 screens north. Enter the store through the front entrance. Walk up to the counter and "talk girl". Watch the sequence.

Then, go south once, and east once, until you're at the docks. Walk up to the purser and "give man passport". Watch the sequence. Once you regain control, move east. You'll be in your cabin. Walk up to the drawer and "get fruit". Looks like you have a secret admirer. Walk up to the door on the east wall, and "open door". Walk through it, and meet Mama, the most hated character in LSL2. (You'll see why in a second) After you finish your talk, walk through the door again, back into your stateroom, and "close door". You'll have to get out of the way of the door, but still close enough to close it. After the door is closed, "change into swimsuit". Go back, and "open door" to Mama's stateroom, and enter. Don't worry, she won't be in there, or come in there while you have the swimsuit on. Go up to her nightstand, beside her bed. "open drawer", and "get kit", and "close drawer". Then, go back into your stateroom, and "close door" again. If you really cannot get past Mama, then download this save game.

This is another timed portion of the game. If you waste too much time on the ship, night falls, and the moment you return to your cabin, you get squished by Mama. There are many theories on how to avoid this. The most common, is to do everything in your stateroom first, VERY fast, and never return. Another one has to do with game speed....Some people can only do it if the game speed is set on normal, some people can only do it if the game speed is set at fast, some people can do it no matter what. Any way you cut it, I wish you luck, and hope you do not get crushed too often.

Now, go south, and exit your stateroom. You'll see a map of the ship. You're on the south east corner of it, that little peach figure. Walk west until you get to the grey staircase, and walk up it (use the diagonal key 9, or press up and right a lot to climb it). Once you've climbed the staircase, walk all the way west, to the other staircase and climb it. Then walk all the way east. Don't worry about walking off the ship. You won't. You'll pop up in a pool area. "apply sunscreen", and walk north, and fall into the pool. While you're flailing, type in "swim". Swim to the west side, near the center, and type "dive". Now, press your down arrow key to dive down until you reach the blue object near the drain. When you get to it, type "get bikini top". Immediately press your up arrow key, and you'll surface. Once you're on the surface again, go to the south edge of the pool, and type "get out". Walk near the empty blue lounge chair, and "apply sunscreen". Then "sit".

Pretty soon, a woman will approach, eager to get you to follow her. Simply ignore her, and sit there for about 10-15 seconds after she leaves, just to be sure you don't get sucked into death. After you're done, "stand", and leave the area south. Walk west, up to the first staircase you can descend, and then descend it. Then walk east, until you can descend that staircase, and descend it. Then walk east as far as you can, until you get in your cabin. (Cross your fingers you got there in time). If Mama doesn't kill you, "change into leisure suit". Then, exit the screen to the south. Phew.

Go west, and ascend both staircases. Go west all the way, after getting up the second staircase, and enter the barbershop. Go up to the chair and "sit". Watch the sequence. Once you exit, go up the second ascending staircase you come to, going up to the revolving diner. Walk to the west side of the bar, near the green stuff in the bowl and "get spinach dip". Leave the diner, and descend the staircase. Once you're back on the middle floor, go west, and ascend the first ascending staircase you get to, and go west, into the Captain's room. Go right, until you hit some object. Then, go north until you hit the control panel. Then, "pull lever". Go south until you hit the south wall, and exit the room. Descend the staircase, and ascend the staircase as if you were going to the revolving diner, only get off at the middle intersection, and head west, to the lifeboats. Walk left, until you hit the rope, and "apply sunscreen". Then, "jump in boat". As soon as you can type, "put on wig", and "throw dip", or "eat dip". Watch the sequence.

Once you regain control, head west. The nude beach. There's a nude woman who'll want to talk to you, but ignore her. Go back east, and then head south, into a jungle. The second time you show up in the jungle scene, you'll stop in front of some pink flowers. "get flowers". Don't worry. No one will miss them. You'll eventually pop up in a restaurant. Walk up to the man and "talk to man". Then, walk east to the purple chair and "sit". Watch the sequence, and when you finally get seated, walk to the southwest, up to the yellow cheese in the center buffet table. "get knife". Then, exit the restaurant.

Watch the jungle scene again, and you'll pop up in a hotel room. Wait a bit, and a maid will come in, and ask if everything is satisfactory. If you like, you can have your way with her (Save your game first!) by saying "screw maid". Walk up to the drawer below the bed, and "get matches", then walk into the bathroom, beside the toilet, and "get soap". After that, leave the room. Go through the jungle scene again, and you'll pop up in the barber's room. Go up to the chair, and "sit". You'll get your hair dyed. After that, exit the room, and go through the jungle scene AGAIN. You'll pop up on the main beach. Go west one, and you'll see a bikini bottom on the rocks. (It's blue!) Walk up to it and "get bikini bottom". Walk one screen east again, and then one screen south, back into the jungle. Watch the scene, pop up in the restaurant, leave, watch the scene, pop up in your room. Walk north, and then east, until you're completely hidden by the wall. "change into bikini". After that, you can either "stuff top with money", or "stuff top with soap".

Exit the room, watch the jungle scene, go into the barber's, and "sit". You'll get a waxing. Ow. Exit the room, watch the jungle scene, and pop up on the main beach. This time, you're ready. Go one screen east, to the KGB agents, and keep going east. You'll eventually reach a tiny tiny mountain cliff. You might want to slow the game speed down for this. Though by falling off the cliff, you never DIE, it does take time for you to get back up. Each time you fall, you gain a point, but when you exit the screen, you lose them all. Just make your way through the cliffs, and when you finally make it to the other side, and you're catching your breath, be sure to "change into leisure suit". Once you're at the airport, approach the KGB children, but not too closely. "give flower". Then, enter the airport. Go west one, once in the lobby, and enter the open door, to the barber's. Hmm. The barber looks familiar, doesn't she? "look barber" before you "sit" in the chair. At least, now you look like your passport photo. Exit the barber's shop, and go east twice, and walk in front of the customs agent, and "show passport".

Go east twice, until you get to the restaurant. Go up to the red machine, and "get insurance". Then, walk up to the counter of the cafe, and "order food". After you get your food, "get pin". Then, walk on the moving sidewalk to the right. After a long sequence, walk to the left edge of the teller's desk, and "get pamphlet". Then, walk on the moving sidewalk back to the cafe. Walk one screen west, to the luggage X-ray machine. Wait until the suitcase passes by that shows a bomb comes by (After the first wave of suitcases, it's the fourth suitcase), and "get suitcase". After that sequence, approach the only remaining teller and "buy ticket". After many questions being asked, you'll get your ticket. At this point, there's a timer, but you should be able to make the plane easily.

Walk one screen east, and show the guard your passport, with "show passport". He'll let you by, and go two screens east, and get on the moving sidewalk again. Once you're up there, go up to the teller and "show ticket". Then, go east, and you're on the plane! Finally. Once the scene has taken place, and you have control, "get airsick bag", and "give pamphlet to man" to shut him up. Then, "stand", and go east one. Walk all the way to the east side of the plane, and go south, until you're hidden by the wall. "wear parachute". Then, "use pin", then "pull handle". After that, "open door". While falling, "pull cord". You'll land in a tree. "cute rope with knife" When you land, "get stick" that's beside you when you fall. Then, walk as far south as possible, then as far west as possible. "crawl under the killer bee bush". Walk south, into the next screen. Walk towards the east, until a snake approaches you, threatening to eat you. When you can type and see the snake, "insert the stick into the snake's mouth". Walk east now. During the quicksand scene, save your game repeatedly.

There is a faint pattern along the quicksand. Try to follow it all the way to the east. Keep restoring and saving, until you get past the quicksand, and to the river. When you get there, walk as close to the river as you can, and "swing vine", "swing vine", "swing vine", and "swing vine". You should be on the other side now. Walk up to the vines behind the rocks, on the side you landed on, and "get vine". Then, walk east, and watch the cartoon. Go south one, and east one, until you're at the campfire. Go next to the fire, and "get ashes". Go south, onto the beach, and "get sand". Go west, twice, and north once, until you're back on the cliff. Go as far north as you can, without falling off. "use vine".

Go north once, and you'll be at a glacier. Walk up to the glacier, until you're standing right below it (and in the center), and "spread sand on glacier", or "spread ashes on glacier". Go on the path, and walk west, until you see an elevator. Walk up to the smoking crevice, as close as you can get without falling in, and "put airsick bag in bottle". "light bag". "drop bottle". Once the explosion has taken place, the elevator is jarred open. Walk into the elevator, and you have solved the game. Prepare for a very long cartoon.