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Copy Protection

Larry 2 - Age protection - Click for a larger image
More manual mayhem!

So, physical disk protection - as used on the first Leisure Suit Larry outing - wasn't a great solution. Faulty or worn disks could all be a problem for both the games player and indeed Sierra who'd be obliged to replace them. In this outing, Sierra tried out a simple manual based copy protection - you must have the manual in order to play the game. If you couldn't answer a simple question then you couldn't even start the game.

The question being asked was the telephone number of the girl as presented on the screen. The manual had the pictures spread throughout the pages so you had to search from back to front until you remembered the number yourself! (unlikely as there were quite a few similar combinations).

Although Sierra tried to limit piracy using this method - they made the pictures very bad quality so they wouldn't show up too well after being photocopied - it wasn't really enough. Cracks (a program designed to remove the protection) appeared soon after release and even photocopier technology moved on enough that faithful reproductions were possible.

Ah well, we'll see what Sierra comes up with next time...

The Collector's Edition (all versions) of the game was modified to allow a single number to be entered. I'm not sure that this was ever documented but the number was '0724' as shown in the screenshot. For some strange reason this also skips the game's introduction sequence. For those who don't know, this is Al Lowe's birthday so don't forget to send him an e-mail on the day!

You will also notice that there is no age checking for this title. That is because the game simply didn't include content that was considered restricted to a certain audience. It may well have had a voluntary 15 rating applied had those schemes been around then.

As for all Leisure Suit Larry titles, check out Al's personal Larry pages. You'll find them buried under the "Copy protection, cheats, bug fixes" link.