Larry Porthole

"Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking For Love

(In Several Wrong Places)"


Larry 2 box art - Click for a larger image
Release Date : 1988
Platform : PC, Amiga
Estimated Sold (PC, English) : 500,000 Units

Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking For Love (In Several Wrong Places) is the second outing for Larry but anyone expecting more of the same were to be quickly disappointed.

Leisure Suit Larry 1 caused such an outrage (for the time) that Sierra took the (unfortunate) decision to tone down the game. There would be no pimps, hookers, condoms or anything risque! A real shame as the adventure had maybe joined the ranks of the many 'standard' adventures out there. Al's humor was still there but the game didn't live up to the standards set by "In the Land of The Lounge Lizards".

Larry 2 - Improved SCI engine - Click for a larger image Larry 2 was a second generation adventure game from the Sierra camp. It used the latest SCI adventure system which had recently premiered with the release of King's Quest 4 (although Sierra were not convinced that everyone could run the latest engine so they initially released KQ4 in both AGI and SCI versions!). SCI-0 (as it came to be known) was 'only' an evolution over the AGI engine with the main improvements being 320 x 200 resolution, full mouse support and MIDI sound. The text parser interface remained so it's still a case of using the correct 'verb' on 'noun' adventuring.

Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking For Love (In Several Wrong Places) starts off with Larry having been thrown out by Eve leaving Larry flat broke in Los Angeles. The 'sub'-plot of the adventure has one Dr. Nonookee out to kill Larry.

Why? Well, in typical Larry fashion he's got himself into trouble without knowing how and why! Dr. Nonookee is an evil communist (yes, the game is quite old!) who has stolen a top-secret microfiche containing valuable research data. This ends up in Larry's hands and Dr. Nonookee will stop at nothing to retrieve it...

I should also mention here that the game is split into 5 'sections'. Once you move across a section you cannot return! This can cause considerable grief if you had not completed/obtained something earlier on in the game - which is now no longer accessible. Sierra really did enjoy adding to the adventure challenge with this type of game design.

There are quite a few scripted sequences within this game. Some adventurers may like them and some not - it was certainly the way the industry was going but something unusual for Sierra, given comments from some of their designers.

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