Larry Porthole

"Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking For Love

(In Several Wrong Places)"

Easter Eggs

Larry 2 - Cross game references - Click for a larger image

Here are some things you can try in the game. Most of the actions here simply trigger a humorous response and in particular this title made several references to other Sierra games of the time.

There are many (many) cross game references that were so prevalent in the Sierra games of the time. If you know more then please let me know.

In the Alley, look through the hole in the fence.

Notice who is the hairdresser at the airport? It's Princess Rosella from King's Quest!

Ken pops up in yet another Larry game - this time he uses a thin disguise and presents himself as the village chief.

Larry 2 (as did Larry 1 EGA) came with a mechanism to alter the game whilst running. Debug codes were available to alter all sorts of variables in the game, including inventory, score, teleporation and other stuff. Modifying any of this stuff may lose you your game, so "save early and save often".

tp - Teleport (takes you to a different room). See the table below for a list of locations.
get object - Get any object (inventory item). Tell the game the number of the inventory item and it will give it to you automatically. See the table below for list of object numbers. gimme gimme - Get all inventory items! object number - Shows a listing of inventory items and their numbers. object room - Tells you which room an inventory item is located in.