Larry Porthole

"The Land of the Lounge Lizards" - VGA


Larry 1 VGA Start screen - Click for a larger image

Here, we divulge who Larry met up with in Lost Wages.

Hooker Larry 1 VGA - Hooker - Click for a larger image

Location : Above Lefty's bar. You need to get past the bouncer and

Not known by name but who needs a name when you're in a profession like this? Larry has to get protected to even try out what's being offered and after the event he's not satisfied. Larry finds that he needs the love as well as the sex so he continues his search.

Larry 1 VGA - Fawn - Click for a larger image Fawn

Location : At the Disco

Married Larry... but left him tied to the bed after robbing him. Poor Larry - will he ever learn?

Larry 1 VGA - Inflatable Doll - Click for a larger image Faith

Location : Floor #8 at the Casino

Spanish fly mean anything to you? It had better, 'cause Faith rushes off to find her boyfriend. Watch out Larry!

Larry 1 VGA - Inflatable Doll - Click for a larger image Inflatable Doll

Location : Eve's closet in the Penthouse

Can Larry really get satisfaction with an inflatable doll? Well, he can try! [Un]fortunately for Larry, he gets caught up on a nail and bursts his playmate. Luckily for Larry, the doll finds its way on to the penthouse rooftop where he meets Eve....

Larry 1 VGA - Eve - Click for a larger imageEve

Location : Penthouse jacuzzi

Eve is the dream that Larry had. She was everything to him, the love, the sex - it was all there! Shown here in the most undressed state you can get! She is the completion of the Larry's quest.