Larry Porthole

"The Land of the Lounge Lizards" - VGA

Easter Eggs

Larry 1 VGA - Click for a larger image

Here are some things you can try in the game. Most of the actions here simply trigger a humorous response - something that the afore mentioned beta test was very useful for.

Note that there are some highlighted that will cause one of the infamous Sierra death sequences. Save early and save often is the name of the game with a Sierra adventure!

Buy more breath spray at the Quiki-Mart when you run out

Give the bum outside the Quiki-Mart money instead of wine

Tip the cabbie after you pay him

Walk in between the drunk's legs at Lefty's bathroom

Larry 1 VGA -  Outside Lefty's - Click for a larger image

When you have it - use the ring on yourself; one of the many cross game references made

Looking up when you are in the pimp's room

Use the nose icon while you are in the hooker's room

Larry 1 VGA -  Death sequence - Click for a larger image

Look at the cabbie once...then again

Bribe the disco bouncer with the diamond ring? You have to restore, since you need the ring to solve the game!

Wait for the drummer to perform his magic act at the casino hotel after sitting on the chair

Look at the paintings in the hotel's penthouse bedroom? One is signed by Mark Crowe, one of the employees at Sierra Online.

Looking at the moose in the pimp's room?

Larry 1 VGA -  Wear ring - Click for a larger image

Flush the toilet at Lefty's

Using the Zipper Icon on the dog?

Giving the magazine to Fawn?

Using your wallet in the jukebox?

Let Larry talk to the man in the barrel? Larry will ask "How's your Pippin?". Pippin was a project between Apple and Bandai to take a CD-ROM based videogame that would use Macintosh's processor.

Using random menu items with each other? (I find the ones when you use the ring with something funniest)

Check out one of the channels on the TV in the pimp's room? The TV show is labeled, "The Naugahyde Goddesses of Oakhurst", a spoof on "The Leather Goddesses of Phobos", an old adventure game.

Flip the bubbles switch to the right of Eve's shoulder while with Eve to see more of her?