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Copy Protection

Larry 1 EGA - Age protection - Click for a larger image
How effective?

And you thought physical copy protection mechanisms were new eh?

Not a chance! You couldn't play Larry 1 unless you had the floppy inserted. This was (and continues to be) one of the most over rated mechanisms for reducing game piracy. Even back then without the availability of the Internet per se, it was very easy to know someone who knew someone else who just happened to have a cracked copy of the game!

However, there was some risk involved and rumors were rife that cracked versions contained a virus payload which was delivered when you finished the game. Did they, didn't they - who knows!

The protection mechanism was removed for all versions supplied as part of the Collector's editions - well, they 'could' have updated it to make you insert the CD-ROM every time?! lol

Al said that copy protection was a necessary evil. However, future games would use different methods as Sierra attempted to find betters ways of protecting their sales without upsetting the game player too much.

The other form of 'protection' was one related to a player's age. Simple... fairly, effective... nah, not at all! But that wasn't really the point of it was it?

It was really nothing more than a set of 5 general knowledge questions selected from a set of 150+ questions. Get two question wrong and you'll be booted out of the game. Some of the questions were slightly American-esque but you can forgive this - Sierra was an all American outfit back then!

For a full list of questions and their answers, check out Al's personal Larry pages. You'll find them buried under the "Copy protection, cheats, bug fixes" link.

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