Apr 13 2014

Hydra, the multi-headed monster

Yesterday, we went to see Within Temptation on their 2014 world tour for Hydra. Our destination was Wembley Arena on a day where there was also an FA cup semi-final as well as the possibility of road closures in preparation for the London marathon [scheduled for the next day].

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Apr 12 2014

Has it really been 30 years!?

Bryan Adams is touring the UK this coming November in support of the 30th year anniversary of Reckless. Last time we saw him was way back in 2006 so it’s been a long time. We’ve actually still got an original Reckless tour t-shirt (bought at a show on the Into The Fire tour) which is now worn by our daughter. She sadly has no interest in coming along.

Tickets booked for me & the wife; I wonder how long our bones will be able to stand rocking in the mosh pit!

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Apr 06 2014

Tex Murphy release date

The next instalment of Tex Murphy (Tesla Effect) is scheduled to hit digital stores (GOG for example) on 22nd April. Although this is quite a bit later than the date first proposed by the Kickstarter it does mean the resultant game has been afforded the level of attention befitting the series.

Check out the launch trailer to see what’s in store.

Without a doubt this has been the best project I backed and I’m certainly looking forward to receiving my boxed edition :) My only regret is that it was a shame that the tier to receive the reprinted novels was so high and I couldn’t find a way to justify the outlay.

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Feb 02 2014

Support for G27 LEDs in Richard Burns Rally

Although I’ve had both the game and the wheel for a long while I decided to put together a small game mod that adds support for theĀ rpm/shift indicator LEDs on the G27. It does what it says on the tin, no more, no less! If you run into issues then feel free to contact me through the site.


You can download it here

Download107 downloads


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Dec 30 2013

Another nostalgia trip – Outrun (Sega arcade)

Each year around Christmas I tend to drift back through time reminiscing about stuff from the past. This time I got to thinking about the arcades of the 80′s. Back then arcades were destination places not like they are now – that is if you can actually find one.

In the 80′s there was an explosion of video games. Technology of the late 70′s and early 80′s rapidly evolved into stunning games that assaulted all of the senses. One such game from 1986 was OutRun made by Sega. The game had a simple premise – to win you had to drive across America within a certain time avoiding other vehicles in your red Ferrari.

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