Sep 07 2015

Wiltshire Big Wheel 2015

Like last year I entered the Wiltshire Big Wheel bike ride as organised by Bike Events. Whilst I had always intended to enter, my entry was made quite late as I was hoping for a favourable weather forecast. Thankfully it turned out great! Read More…

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Aug 21 2015

Motorsport, all in a day’s racing

As is the case every year I’ve been “busy”; that is time has flown by and I’ve not managed to strike off many things of the ever present “must do” list.

This year at least we’ve enjoyed a mix of racing events. Firstly, I attended a Rally Experience day at Castle Combe. It was a great time but as ever with these things I was left wanting more. Thanks go to my colleagues at ARI for the fantastic leaving present. My daughter especially enjoyed the hot laps in a Scooby :rally:

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Jun 14 2015

Wrong Way Round ride report

The weather was ominous upon leaving the house at 03:02; rain wasn’t in the script but here it was! Arrival into a dry though cloudy and cold London at 05:05 to put bike together and make oneself look more like a cyclist. Ride briefing [which amounted to little more than it’s not a race and there are no feed stations en route] at 05:23, picture at the start and on the road by myself at 05:25.

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Jun 12 2015

The return of the Wrong Way Round

I’m probably a little mad but I’ve signed up to participate in what is the return of the Wrong Way Round challenge ride. Those of you who are local will know that the village did hold the event over the past couple of years but dropped the “classic” route from Hyde Park Corner, London.

This year it’s back on albeit with another change. That is that any rider wishing to participate has to arrange their own transportation to London for the dawn start. As you can imagine that’s not easy/cheap as public transport is non existent at that time!

Due to the lack of travel options and indecisiveness on participation I have not trained so it’s likely to be pretty tough going.

Anyways, it’s on, I’m in and I hope the weather is not suited to ducks.

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May 02 2015

Local music performances

Recommended listening for those of us who enjoy riffs from the heavier side of life is a couple of bands I’ve been introduced to recently.

Bite The Hand is a 5 piece from Wiltshire that cover hard rock from recent past as well as their own material. Severance is a 5 piece, also from Wiltshire, whose style is more British steel and its influences.

They can be found filling up local pubs as per their gigs pages.

Bite The Hand Gigs

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